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    Test blog

    26 Nov 2019

    This is a test blog for our microsite

  • The 10 Best Bar signs of 2018

    The 10 Best Bar signs of 2018

    28 Feb 2019

    The 10 Best Bar Signs from 2018

    It’s almost hard to believe that another year has come and gone, yet here we are! With only a few weeks left in 2018, we thought we’d bring a bit of humour to Drink Artisan and showcase our top 10 list of the best bar signs seen in 2018.

    #1 – There’s always a reason to drink

    Just in case you can’t think of a reason to stop by the pub, here’s two.

    #2 – Maths not for everyone

    Who needs simple addition when you can drink?

    #3 – You can’t argue with science

    Whether it’s chemistry or biology….it doesn’t matter you can drink.

    #4 – Money can’t buy you happiness…

    So, spend your money on a few drinks.

    #5 – A few white lies never hurt anyone

    When marketing just isn’t in your budget this month.

    #6 – Never be alone again

    People have been drowning their...

  • The Rise of Veganism And Why You Should Probably Take Notice

    The Rise of Veganism And Why You Should Probably Take Notice

    28 Feb 2019

    It's a whole new world, at least that’s what it seems like in the world of Veganism. The statistics speak volumes, Veganism is not only growing around the world but at an astonishing speed.

    The Great British Larder were intrigued and decided to dive a bit deeper into veganism and see what the noise is about; understand how food suppliers, restaurants, and consumers are adapting - even embracing - these changes. Are they jumping on this preverbal vegan train? Or a passing fad?

    Let's find out.

    Here are 5 surprising statistics for you to ponder

    An increasing number of companies, backed by mega companies and billionaire individuals, are ploughing money into research to study veganism – creating new products such as ‘meat free meat’ and studying how affect the global economy and environment.

    Here are some fact and numbers we...

  • Let’s talk about Artisan Beer

    Let’s talk about Artisan Beer

    28 Feb 2019

    Plenty has changed in the artisan world over the past few years, with recent statistics showing consistently increasing customer demand. It seems the British palette is becoming more particular, demanding provenance and quality as never before.

    Artisan Beer is one of the craft ‘boom’ products of the moment.

    Is Craft Beer Better?

    The short answer? We think it just might be! Craft beer is certainly a growing trend that might be here to stay for the long term. Considering the recent news and numbers, it seems the UK has fallen in love with craft beer.

    Right now, there is a craft beer boom which has led to a 20% surge in UK beer relate trademark registrations. There is consistent rising consumer demand for limited and small batch beers, which in turn pushes small breweries to launch innovate and launch new diverse products. The...

  • Medicinal Alcohol? Yes, herbal alcohol is really a thing

    Medicinal Alcohol? Yes, herbal alcohol is really a thing

    2 Feb 2019

    Alcohol has been around for eons, with fermented beverages being enjoyed since the Neolithic era. In fact, the first recorded production of drinks was around 8,000BC. Looking back throughout our history, especially in the early 19th century, there were specific drinks promoted for their medicinal value and were thought to treat everything from a cough, snake bite or a tummy ache.

    Of course, we all know about the old “snake oil” salesmen of the era, and upon further research into their magical elixir’s, the biggest commonest or rather, ingredient was of course alcohol. Even in ancient Egypt, alcohol was used as herbal medicine, and it was the Persians in the 8th century that developed the art of distillation and used it to concentrate alcohol, which was then taken as an anaesthetic.

    The UK & Gin - Soul Spirits 

    Even in jolly...

  • 5 Christmas Cocktails Gin Lovers Need to Try!

    5 Christmas Cocktails Gin Lovers Need to Try!

    2 Feb 2019

    We can best describe Gin as the alcoholic version of Marmite, and yet it can divide nations leaving no room for an “in-between”, meaning, you either love or hate Gin, there is no room for error here. This love / hate thing is like lemon and lime, and makes us ask, “do you crave Gin’s sharp taste or does the smell make you reel back and gag? Whatever the feeling Gin may illicit, Gin lovers everyone can at least unite this Christmas season with some of the best cocktails to prepare for you and your family or friends.

    Let’s face it, the holiday season isn’t just a time for loads of fatty foods, but it’s also filled with rare occasions to try some new awesome Christmas drinks, taking a step away from traditional or getting so close you might actually want to change clothes and wear that horrible Christmas sweater with...

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